2012 Letter to Santa

Dear Santa,
This is pretty embarrassing.
We totally thought the world was going to end on the 21st. Our Mayan contacts have been so trustworthy up ‘til now. (They were the ones who told us to hoard Beanie Babies a decade ago.)
In any case, while we are happy to be alive, we find ourselves woefully ill-prepared for Xmas gift giving. (We also wrote a bunch of checks last week that I’m pretty sure are going to bite us in the butt.)
Normally we like to leave you something special, but this year we’ll have to be satisfied with just being alive. If the post-solstice, Age of Aquarius vibration shift ends up altering our DNA and giving us cool mutations like flight or teleportation, we promise to visit you soon in the North Pole.

In the meantime we remain humble & grateful,
Jimmy & Johnny, Xmas Eve 2012


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    Halcyon Says:

    Santa’s response:

    Dear Jimmy and Johnny-

    I’m surprised that you two thought the Mayan had the answer to the end of the world. How may Mayan do you know?
    If they had the answers, their culture would still be supreme.
    However, that’s not so. We are left with a world with many questions and many possible answers. Our only hope is for love and acceptance to become universal.
    Please continue your work. I’m so pleased to see you both practicing love and acceptance in your lives.

    I’ll see you next year.

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