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2008 Milk & Cookies Substitute

Friday, December 26th, 2008

(letter & gift out on Xmas eve 2008) Dear Santa, The economic downturn has been tough on all of us. And while we’re not privy to your financial statements, the number of kids asking for ipods and cell phones can NOT be making things any easier for you. But not to worry! We have been […]

“Commerce Inquisition”

Wednesday, December 24th, 2008

Merry Xmas!!! (substitute your faith of choice for “X”) I love the Xmas season. For me, this is the time I can use my fireplace in Southern California without guilt and reflect on the wonderful memories of the past 12 months. The fact that we have a big Santa-based holiday to enjoy on Dec 25th […]

Letter to Santa 2007 (read at HugNation 12.23.08)

Tuesday, December 23rd, 2008

During HugNation today, I read the letter my brother and I left for Santa last year on Xmas eve. I LOVE our xmas eve tradition. Santa’s response after the cut… [ buy viagra cheap | viagra pill for women | generic viagra canada | viagra cream | viagra benefits side effects | purchase cialis overnight […]


Saturday, December 8th, 2007

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